What if all that worrying you do is actually an indication of the depth of your emotional aptitude?
What if all that worrying you do is actually an indication of the depth of your emotional aptitude? 



In Michigan, I'm conducting Virtual sessions.

Stephen O'Neill, LCSW/LMSW

Phone: 248 910-4636

Email: soneill@oneilltherapy.com

In Texas, I'm conducting sessions both in-person and electronically. I can be reached at the phone # and email address above. My office location is:


2219 Sawdust Rd, Ste. 1101

The Woodlands, TX 77380

Taming Procrastination & Perfectionism


Empathy: balancing compassion and angst.


Deconstructing / Unmasking Anger

Stephen O'Neill, LCSW/MSW

Ph: 248 910-4636



Using and Diffusing Repetitive Routines / Compulsions


Creative Minds in a Regimented World.


AD/HD: Better Focus / Less Distraction


Resolving Grief / Loss


Narcissist in your life? Maybe you're not crazy. 


Easing Social Anxiety


Releasing Guilt / Shame


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