What if all that worrying you do is actually an indication of the depth of your emotional aptitude?
What if all that worrying you do is actually an indication of the depth of your emotional aptitude? 

     Seems there's always another way to tone and nourish our bodies. Yet our minds - well, they don't often get the same dedicated attention. Our thoughts swirl. Our emotions wind into mash-ups of who-knows-what. And in case anyone's been stuck in a cave, the world is a virtual buffet of fuel for anxiety and panic du jour. It's hard to keep up. So how do we soothe the angst, reset the stress level, and tone our minds so that even amid an unpredictable, stress-inducing world, we are steadier, calmer, more centered, and more resilient? And yes actually, we can be and feel ok even when it feels like everything around us is a bit crazy.

What we think and what we feel often just don't go together. It can be very confusing and stress-inducing.

     As I see it, therapy is an experience that allows you to both ease and invigorate your mind. It's a place of trust and understanding that allows you to lower the shields (aka - defense mechanisms) and embrace a greater awareness of your thoughts and emotions with the comfort of knowing that the space around you is uncontaminated by judgment. To the contrary, your therapist is a source of acceptance, even when you feel entangled in your own ideas, at odds with your own values, or maybe unsure about what you're feeling or thinking at all.

The greater our aptitude for empathy and insight, the more likely we are absorb the world's worries and anxieties.

     Truth is, no matter how conscientious, compassionate, caring, and principled we are, sooner or later we fail to measure up to our own standards ('cause well - humans.) We're complicated. Life is complicated. Our thoughts and emotions don't always line up together and our values can clash with each other. We can know we're ok but still feel inadequate, undeserving -- or worse. So how do we keep our balance and find our way through it all?


Take a deep breath. Exhale. Tell me what's on your mind and we'll see if we can find a way to calm the seas and navigate the turmoil. Under it all, you just might discover that you're much more competent than you've let yourself believe.

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